Who we are

According to statistics, most modern young people call loneliness one of the main problems. Yes, in the age of digital technology and social networks, the majority can not find a soul mate, soul mate, with whom you can spend your whole life. This is especially true for those who would dream of finding a bride from a sunny country, say, from Croatia. Our dating service was created just to make such dreams come true.

Many people are rather skeptical and incredulous about such communication on the Internet. But in fact, if you think about it, after all, we spend most of our lives online. Here we work, study, relax. So what is strange in that we find our love here? Moreover, it is dating through the Internet that has significantly expanded the geography of the opportunity to meet your loved one.

Now more and more real stories are appearing about how people met and created a strong union on a dating service . So do not be afraid or ashamed. Advanced technology should be applied to personal life.

Our service has gathered girls living in the territory of Croatia who are ready for a serious relationship and start a family. The questionnaires indicate all the necessary parameters: personal photo, gender, age, social status, city of residence, hobbies, musical and cinematic preferences, etc. All the necessary information has been collected, which will immediately give an opportunity to assess whether this person is suitable for you or not. Moderators carefully monitor that real people are registered. So you can not be afraid of fakes and unpleasant consequences after.

Meet, chat, fall in love despite the distance!